Ministries We Love

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is what inspired our vision for Rancho Oasis for Youth. We were blessed to be able to attend one of their seminars and learned a lot from their experiences. The ministry has inspired and influence many other people to start horse rescue and youth ministries throughout the USA. Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is surrounded by gorgeous mountains, farms and truly a ranch of rescued dreams for kids and families. If you are ever in the area... please know that you are more than welcome to visit them!!

I first learned about this ministry through reading their first book "Hope Rising: Stories from the Ranch of Rescued Dreams" and fell in love with the idea. I shared this with Jon and he loved the idea of putting our passions together... so the vision of RO4Y was born. Now we are currently waiting on the Lord for land to build and ministry to the kids in the neighborhood through weekly Kid's Club.

My wonderful dad, Wayne Goranson, is the director for Intensive Care Ministries Central America. His vision is to disciple Pastors and Christian leaders by showing them how to study God's Word inductively. He travels all over Central America conducting Inductive Bible Study seminars. He loves to teach and has a heart to reach out to the leadership in the small churches.

Please visit his ICM Central America blog and enjoy his updates as he shares about his travels, the people and the churches of Central America. If you enjoy them, please sign up to receive posts via emails and never miss an update.

John the Baptist Artworks

A long-time friend from Jon's college years, Rebecca Brogan is an amazing woman of God. She uses her art skills only for the purpose to glorify God. Becca and her husband live in Australia where she can be found down at Hobart's popular Salamanca Market on most Saturdays. She is a casual stallholder and allocated at a different site every week.

A sound bite from Becca: Through John the Baptist Artworks I continue to speak about my relationship and journey with God. I share my art and the gospel message at various exhibitions and events in Australia and the USA.

Please check out her amazing artwork at and enjoy her beautiful and outspoken message of the gospel through the paintings and drawings.

Gospel For Asia's primary goal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who havenever heard His name. That's an amazing goal. Their mission is to train and send native missionaries because they have proven very effective. They are familiar with the language and culture, and they live in the same level as the people they serve... which removes many social barriers.

Gospel for Asia sends all, 100%, of the money donated for work on the mission field to the field. Nothing is taken out for administrative expenses. They also have a wonderful book called, "Revolution in World Missions", which you can get for FREE with free shipping! We have a copy and love it. The author, Founder and President of GFA, K.P. Yohanna, is a man full of compassion and love for the people in his country. Please pray and consider how you can support and bless this ministry. Please click on the banner below and get your free book! Enjoy and be blessed!

More to come!!!