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Just Making Ice Cream Book
(2nd Edition)

Love ice cream? Wish you could make ice cream at home, but don't have an ice cream maker? Can't decide what ice cream maker to buy? Have food allergies? Trying to watch your sugar-intake? Want to make something more than just vanilla, chocolate or strawberry? This is the book for you!

119 pages and over 70 recipes to choose through all 4 seasons of the year... who says ice cream is only for the summer?! The book starts off with 25 pages about everything you need to know to make delicious, nourishing frozen desserts...
  • 10 reasons why you should make your own ice cream
  • Ice cream 101: ingredients, tips and equipment
  • How to choose an ice cream maker
  • 5 ways to make ice cream without a maker
  • Know your frozen desserts
  • and MORE!

You will also enjoy over 30 ice cream & gelato recipes, 9 cultured milk recipes, 10 sherbet recipes and 10 sorbet recipes... plus toppings and extras!

Want a sneak peek?! Take a peek through Just Making Ice Cream with lots of delicious pictures!!

Your purchase of this book will go 100% to support our ministry at RO4Y! Thank you!

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The Noise About "Just Making Ice Cream"
"Jaw dropped, eyes wide open. That's my "Just Makin' Ice Cream" reading face as each new flavor appears on my screen. I've never enjoyed thinking about food more than while reading this book, and I can't wait to try so many recipes. The only problem is deciding where to start...but I'm thinking PBJ or cookie dough, what indulgences. Thanks, Mare, for helping my new ice cream maker churn out more than just chocolate and vanilla!" {Katie of Kitchen Stewardship}

"Just Making Ice Cream is the perfect kitchen companion for any ice cream lovers who are also interested in real, nourishing foods. The ice creams I've made so far have been delicious and creamy and I love that they use real food ingredients and more natural sweeteners. I can't wait to make more and more of Marillyn's recipes. This cookbook is a must-have for any lover of homemade ice cream."  {Nicole Bennet of Simple Organic}

"This totally ROCKS!! Thank you for putting it all together! It's beautiful, full of great information, and chock full of delectable recipes! I am declaring an ice cream holiday... but it's going to have to be year-round to make it through all the flavors in your book. Hmmm, I think I can handle that. I also love that you explained the science behind all your ingredients. Some people (like me) like to know WHY we're using certain ingredients... not that there are any bad ones in your recipes. It's just helpful, especially if you ever want to venture out and experiment on your own." {Bethany G.}

"Quite honestly, I feel Marillyn is one of the best out there in real food dessert so I was thrilled when she decided to share over 70 ice cream recipes made with nourishing ingredients. It’s a fantastic resource featuring ice-cream, sherbet, sorbet, gelato and even cultured ice-cream recipes. For someone like me who tends to make more savory foods, it’s so helpful in that every recipe uses natural sweeteners and nourishing ingredients. Mare is someone dear to me and I’m so happy to be able to say that I know this lady in real life. " {Diana of Spain in Iowa}

"Just flipped through your e-book. It is gorgeous! The opening section is beautifully written as are all the pictures, fonts and color pallet you chose. I love how Jesus is infused in the life of your family :) Wonderful idea to do this book for your ministry! It looks to have been no small task - very good quality." {Lisa J.}

"Well, we just made the Pecan Molasses recipe and it was DELICIOUS! It was so good, my kids, husband, and father-in-law asked for second helpings! We’ll be making it again!" {Maria M.}

"While I was visiting friends, I made the Dirty Polar Bear Ice Cream. They LOVED it!! Two of them are huge fans of coffee ice cream and they were blown away. My friend's brother-in-law ate it soft (he couldn't wait any longer) but the rest of us waited for it to firm up a bit. So delicious!" {Katie of Mexican Wildflower}

"For my first test, I chose Cool n Fresh Peppermint Chocolate Straciatella Gelato. It was easy to make, and very refreshing. My ice cream maker is made that I can't add the chocolate while it is churning, so it didn't distribute nicely. I think I might grate the chocolate next time and add it that way, BUT the flavor was excellent. My husband loves mint chip ice cream, and he gave this his seal of approval. Next, I chose Pumpkin Spice. The mellow pumpkin flavor gives a nice base to the strong spices. It was hard to wait overnight, but it was worth it. I am not fond of pumpkin pie, but I really like this ice cream. Great book, beautiful pictures and delicious recipes!" {Tanya C.}

"Now you all know how much I love cultured foods, so I’m sure you’re not surprised that I am most excited about the 9 cultured milk recipes — the lime and white chocolate and vanilla with honey cinnamon swirl are likely to hit the Harmon household soon. Mare, you’re obviously a pro at this. Thank you for taking the time from your busy, fulfilling life to create such a beautiful and comprehensive resource for all of us! " {Wardeh of GNOWFGLINS}

"Ice cream has always been a weakness of mine – but when I found out about all the ingredients they put in it, it kind of stopped me in my tracks. Plus, you know…..the whole sugar thing. But then I found out that I could make it at home, with nourishing ingredients and less refined, and much reduced, sugar. So I make vanilla ice cream every now and again. My friend Marillyn, on the other hand, takes making ice cream to a whole new level! She literally is like the guru of homemade ice cream and I’m super excited about her new ice cream eBook!" {Donielle of Naturally Knocked Up}

"Ever read a recipe book that had you drooling from practically the first page? When I first read Just Making Ice Cream, I could hardly resist jumping up from a cozy table in the coffee shop where I do some of my blogging so that I could stick my ice cream maker in the freezer. I love all manner of savory food. There probably isn't a style of food that I don't love (Italian, Thai, Greek, Japanese, Indian...). But I'm also a sucker for two sweet treats, namely dark chocolate and ice cream. So when I started reading recipe names like Salty Caramel Pecan, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Lemon Cherry Swirl Cheesecake and Yum Rum Raisin, I was a goner. " {Stephanie of Keeper of  the Home}

“Marillyn’s book is the definitive real-food ice cream book out there.  If you don’t know what ingredients to use, how to make it healthy, what kind of ice cream maker to purchase (or whether to purchase one at all), this book covers it.  The information is so extensive, and that’s before you get to the 70 amazing recipes!  You’ll never get bored, no matter how much you love ice cream!  Try them all!” {Kate of Modern Alternative Mama}

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